DMXCreator V5.86d

Changes since V5.86 Prolight+Sound
1. Corrected saving filename of the show file to the full path+name.
2. Corrected rename sequence bug in the sequence list (disabled in play mode).
3. 32 hotkeys for multisequence mode, now keys are working in triggering mode
4. Corrected bug in drag'n drop from Sequence list to Play list.
5. Corrected DMX IN enable/disable bug.
6. Corrected Physical Master "drag" bug.

Changes since V5.85 Plasa
1. Scaling on-screen font option is working much better.
2. Corrected command line "Play" bug in "Full Screen" mode.
3. Added "Emulator" picture save to JPEG file.
4. When HotKeys are assigned to alphabetic keys, it's not possible
to rename Cues, Sequences, Scenes and Groups. To do this, please
use popup content menu of appropriate item.
5. Added "Star" in Track Editor.
6. Changed amount of sequences in Multisequence player from 16 to 32
Take a care, it will be incompatible with previous version of Creator!
7. User defined RED Master.
8. Corrected changing of the playlist according to changes in the sequencelist
and cuelist (replace by drag&drop is working correctly now).
9. Drag and Drop sequences from the SequenceList and cues from the CueList
to PlayList (on existing line it replace old, on the bottom it add a new line).
10.Implemented second color wheel visibility in Visual Emulator
11.Changed right mouse button function for XY panel and horizontal and vertical
sliders, it works like position increment/decrement for fine adjustment.

Changes since V5.81:
1. "Dimmer" in Physical Master window (see help - "Master Modes")
2. Bump button in Physical Master window with hotkeys assignmen
3. Double Size of sequence list for notebooks with touchscreen (popup menu).
4. "Wait GO" state and additional "Go" and "Skip" buttons in Playlist
5. DMX-Visualizer from DMX-Input (trough), with "Record only" option.
6. Small "audiobit" indicator on the tempo button.
7. 3D objects and import of 3ds files - see "Visual Emulator"
8. Remote Tempo from DMX Input
9. Synch with Multimedia files in PlayList(Settings -> Synch and Hardware -> Other).
10. Midi transpose for MIDI note control.
11. PlanImage file path saved into show file, every show may may have
separated plan image.
12. Implemented "Windows Media Player" plugin (it has better performance while
playing video files).
13. Added hot keys extention for the Cue List.
14. Added 16-bits slider in panel.
15. Possibility to change a tempo in MS-player for regular sequences.
16. Some bugs were corrected.

Changes since V5.80:
Restored old algorithm of programming standalone flash.

Changes since V5.72:
1. Expanded amount of position references up to 255.
2. Added automatic "Cross Fade" feature between sequences(cues) or sequence
and Favorite scene. And see additional colomn in Play List.
3. Added DOS-style command string options.
4. Added option "+1" in DIP switches view.
5. Reorder of cues in Cue list works now correctly with "Drag and drop".
6. Option "Pan/Tilt only" stores now in Group list correctly (with releted
7. Corrected some bugs...

Changes since V5.71:
1. Added "Filling"("""Rendering""") in Visual Emulator (recommended only for
very fast computers).
2. Added option in Visual Emulator for changing the room size with fixtures positions.
3. PARs now can be visible in Visual Emulator.
Conditions: Only one channel, Fixed spot, Aim of channel - "Dimmer" and color
of slider defined color of light.
4. Preview of panels in Panel's Designer open file dialog.
5. Expanded MIDI control for numbers of sequences > 128
(use standard MIDI bank selection method, please, set MSB controller to 0 and
LSB controller to 32)
6. Removed bug in "External" synchronization, it doesn't follow to Tempo tapping.
(Use "Manual" synch for this).
7. Added new feature - real-time crossfade between sequences and crossfade to favorite.
8. Corrected bug in "Blackout".

Changes since V5.68:
1. Added "Effects Generator" in "V/T editor"
2. Added switcher for very wide control panels
3. Updated drivers for Windows NT,2000,XP
4. Remote control from DMX-IN
5. Selectable changing point of non-smooth channels in scene (beginning/end)
6. Expanded Red Master functions for Fader and Monitor window
7. Changed "Main Master" mode in "Physical Master"
8. Number of sequences is unlimited.

Changes since V5.62:
1. Additional definition of focus and dimmer channels
2. Preset focus function in Position Memory
3. New Synch-Mode "Manual"
4. DMX-off/on Switch to freeze output and blind work
5. Copy/paste functions for Sequences
6. Copy/paste functions in Panel-Designer
7. Synch-Mode is shown in the Play-List
8. Changes in USB-Timing for slower computers
9. "Invisible in Emulator " feature
10. Removed black rays in Visual Emulator

Changes since V5.41:
1. Full support of the 16-bit pan/tilt control in real-time mode.
2. 16-bit shape generator in track editor.
3. New feature: Visual Emulator
4. Full support of the new "DMXCreator512MK2" hardware interface.
5.The last Play List saves into the show file.

We wish you a lot of fun with DMXCreator!

DMXCreator software development group